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“Sceau de l’Ange offers an intense universe of progressive metal playing with emotions and their contrasts. This sophisticated yet accesible music is adorned with a female voice of diverse colors, going from the softest to the most beastial tones. It delivers lyrics in French, intringing and dreamlike and of which the most characteristic feature is to favour musicality as well as mystery. In short, a project away from trends, creative and original, ready to take you on a journey!

After a first album, “Phénomènes”, released by the label M&O Music in November 2011, the band did it again with “Ascendance”, released in March 2017. They entrust the mixing and mastering to Jamie King of The Basement Recording NC and partner with C.H.S Prod for the production of music videos, the first of which, illustrating the track “Epineuse saison”, was released in July, 2016. Today, the band continue their promotion on stage and already explore new projects…”