We are disappointed to announce we will not be playing at the Female Metal Fest in Geneva on Saturday, December 1st even though the night is still scheduled (contrary to Friday night which has been cancelled)…
The organising association decided to withdraw our band from the lineup without any concrete reasons nor any preceding dialog, even though they had us sign a contract, therefore acknowledging our coming as well its terms and conditions. Logically, we thought this contract acted as a commitment… Financial reasons were brought up to cancel Friday night’s event as well as 2 bands on Saturday… This night that was originally supposed to welcome 6 bands will in the end welcome 5 (we and Secret Rule have been canceled while Alkemy, the band which founded the association, has been added to the lineup). It is difficult for us to understand how having 5 bands instead of 6 enables savings (an unanswered question) : note that it is not our fee that put the night’s budget at risk  (we had originally only asked for 50€ to cover travel expenses).
We are sorry we communicated on our coming to this event when the organisation turned out not to be solid but we did it (notably the promotional video) because the organisers had asked us to explicitly and because we are always willing to help and promote an event in which we participate.
We wish with these few lines to explain to you the situation about the circumstances of this cancellation, which as you have understood was not of our making…. Sorry for the people who wanted to see us there! We wish a very nice evening to the FMF and we get back to the essentials, working on our music, with hopefully new stuff to present you soon!